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ICAN brings together organizations and highly talented producers, internationally recognized scientists and key business, education, and legal leaders to achieve six major objectives:

         Present compelling stories that probe the interfaces among science, technology and society

    Explore the multifaceted issues and subtle nuances that enrich the process of scientific discovery

   Tell the stories of science and technology in a language that is accessible to non-traditional science learners

    Use a media mix that promises the most effective communication of today's complex scientific and technological developments

     Focus on the scientific, technological, social, ethical and legal considerations that inform both personal and public decisions

    Provide the credibility of peer-reviewed scientific content


ICAN professionals share a common sense of purpose.  Their diverse backgrounds and deep roots into the scientific and business communities guide their approach.   

         ICANís broad expertise brings in-depth analysis to the leading issues in science and technology, economics and business.

         ICANís approach embraces the complex ideas of todayís scientific endeavors, translating them into images and language accessible to all.

         ICANís credibility opens access to the scientific and business communities, assuring early recognition of discoveries and changing views.

         ICANís familiarity with diverse learning styles underlies a commitment to designing multi-dimensional communication strategies.