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NanoState - The Interested Citizen's Guide to Understanding and Participating in the Emerging Nanoeconomy

NanoState introduces interested nonscientists to the exciting, amazing, and sometimes threatening world of nanotechnology and to the critical, complex economic and social decisions that this exploding technology will force upon us far sooner than we expect.


Nanotica: A Digital Game of Strategy to Engage Youth in Science

Nanotica confronts players with economic, political and social challenges in a simulated city-state environment. Players learn about specific nanotechnologies, using them to solve problems of health, energy, environment, and security. The game uses a non-linear system dynamics model to highlight the complex interactions of technology and society in their solutions.

The game will be the focus of a series of state and regional competitions designed in partnership with the land grant university extensions of 4-H programs, along with a series of Youth Leadership Institutes.