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Ken McPherson is the co-founder and principle partner in ICAN Productions.  As such, he contributes his strong intellectual skills to the development of our intellectual properties and his business expertise to our financial management.  His logical approach helps turn ideas into mature projects.

Ken is an economist, analyst and writer in science and technology.  As co-founder of the consulting arm of International Data Corporation, and most recently as an independent consultant, he has worked with clients as they introduced new technologies including graphical user interfaces, super computers, expert systems, and Internet products.  

Ken has supervised Ph.D. dissertation research on computer production at MITís Graduate School of Planning, and served as a technology industry market expert for the U.S. Department of Justice in the US v IBM antitrust litigation.  He was an active participant in the development of the various efforts of the Microbial Literacy Collaborative and co-author of the companion book Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth.

When not at work, Ken pre-occupies himself with skiing, home improvement, and voracious reading.  He is learning Ashtanga yoga.